Get new car insurance and help the environment!

Want to help the environment? Get a new car. Seriously. If you’re driving an old clunker you’re emitting much more pollution than you need to.

I’m always trying to convince people to scrap their old cars. The number #1 complaint  they have is about paying for car insurance.

They think that they’ll have to pay so much more to get coverage.

But that’s wrong! Car insurance on a new car can be cheap. I’ve written a little guide on how to find cheap car insurance. Don’t let insurance be the reason you’re destroying the environment….

How to find cheap car insurance

#1 Compare as many companies as possible. Automated tools exist so you don’t have to do this manually by calling in companies. Here’s one tool I recommend:

#2 Ask for a discounts. Every insurance company offers some discounts. Many you’ve never heard of. After your done comparing online rates with the tool above, call in and ask discounts. You can get discounts because of you’re employee, possible clubs your in, you church even. There’s a ton of ways to get a discount!

#3 Get less coverage. A lot of people go overboard and buy full coverage auto insurance. For most people this makes no sense. Buy coverage you need. Don’t pay extra for nothing.

#4 Don’t buy a gas guzzling car. Usually you’ll end up paying more for insurance and hurting the environment! If possible, but an electric car. Insurance for electric cars is much cheaper. So in the long run even if the car is more expensive you’ll save money!

That’s it. Finding cheap car insurance is easy. Most people don’t bother to compare even 2-3 companies, or even ask for discounts. That’s why they overpay and complain. Always switch companies every 2-3 years. You’ll save way more money. Loyalty to one company does NOT PAY.

Remember, the environment is number #1!

How this quicki guide helps.